Textile landfill in Syria,.

Textile landfill in Syria. Image found here.

The seed for Wench. was planted by the Wombles; “Making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folk leave behind”.

The popularity of jumble sales in the Rhondda Valley in the 1980’s provided copious amounts of random old garments to be sacrificed on the alter of a hand turned Singer sewing machine.  New, whacky, immensely pleasing items were re-made from old floral house-coats and shower curtains, bringing a realisation that anything was possible.

The dawning of this millennium  has brought a shift in global consciousness.  A great awareness is growing about the devastating effect our habitual drawing has on the Earth’s resources.

This throw away culture must stop.  Re-cycling is now on every agenda.

Wench was born in 2007 to fulfill two purposes;  to focus on re-using old textiles, keeping unwanted garments out of landfill and to spark creative thinking about the way in which we dress.

Wench 2014

“Sub-Marina” upcycled wool tunic by Wench.

There is now a demand for up-cycled and re-hashed fashion.  We know our customers value the unique nature of each garment, because it has been made anew.


It’s great to design, make and wear upcycled clothing, to have a truly inspired look, created from unwanted fabric.  Disregarded and unloved clothes are everywhere these days.  The Earth needs us to make use of what’s already here, by creating exciting new creations from castoffs.

And the best part of it? Creative bliss can be found in creating new from old. Upcycled clothes are unusual, unique, and they’re great fun to make!


Stitch ripping Liz!

Stitch ripping Liz!