Co-Create workshops are at the cutting edge of Up-cycling.


They are offered to teach the art of re-vamping unwanted garments and transforming them into exciting new attire.

We cater for beginners and for the more experienced, encouraging spontaneous creativity!

Sewing Machines are provided – Janome Sewist 525 or bring your own.    


Tutor: Carys-Hedd

Jumper Chop Shop

10:30-4:30pm Monday 4th December 2017

Tis the season of the jumper falalalalalalala!

Alas however, most jumpers are boring and square and holey after a summer of fun, so here’s your chance to transform them into elegant works of art,
worthy to be in your Winter collection.


Bring along a few jumpers to chop up and we’ll recreate them into either a cardigan or waste-coat, hats, cowls and wristies…perfect gifts for Christmas, made by you!

Try to bring colours that blend well and try and go for wool rather than synthetics, as wool does actually keep you really warm and dry.  Don’t panic if you can’t find woolies, fleeces work as well as acrylic jumpers…but they are made from plastic!!

Come for a lovely day out, learning new upcycling skills in Melfed, our curious quirkshop in Cardigan.

£40 to include full tuition, use of Janome 525 Sewing machines & lunch,
a hearty veg soup with lovely Bara Menyn bread – Yum!

Dewch i drawnsnewid casgliad o’ch hen siwmperi i mewn i wasgod neu gardigan a fydd yn eich harddu a’ch cynhesu drwy dymor y Gaeaf.
Dyma gyfle i godi mwy o sgiliau uwchgylchu mewn awyrchylch hamddennol braf yn ein gweithdy rhyfeddol, Melfed yn Aberteifi.









Co-Create clothing workshops are about exploring the endless possibilities of fabric. If you would like to book a specific workshop for your group please get in touch.

Garments will be recreated, revamped, resized, overhauled, completely mauled, turned inside out, upside down, back to front and back again.

You will be guided through the creative process, from the initial idea to the finished item, and provided with all the inspiration and the tools necessary to realise your material dreams.

Workshops can be as short as a couple of hours, enough to cover the ground in brief, or they can support projects lasting  days in the form of event-based fashion shows.

Sewing the wind

Sewing the wind

Workshops can be developed in a  format to suit your particular needs, to work with individuals and groups of all ages.

Workshops can take place in schools, village halls or outdoors in festivals. We have an off grid sewing machine system which make mobile sweat shop field trips a possibility!